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High Output: Utilizing the latest technology, Smart Herp High Output UVB Bulbs provide nearly DOUBLE the amount of UVB output compared to regular UVB Bulbs. Therefore, ensure your reptiles can receive sufficient UVB coverage.


Longer Lifespan: By achieving a higher amount of UVB output at the beginning of the lifetime, the attenuation of UVB light takes a longer time than regular UVB, thus resulting in a longer lifespan of Smart Herp UVB light.


Smarter Choice: Smart Herp UVB offers two styles: [Spiral Style] and [3U Style], in order to fulfill horizontal and vertical coverage respectively to suit different enclosure styles



  1. Provides nearly DOUBLE amounts of UVB output than regular UVB Bulbs.
  2. Allows the synthesis of vitamin D3, which helps to absorb calcium.
  3. Prevent MBD(metabolic bone disease) and other bone diseases.
  4. Enhance the health and well-being of your reptiles.
  5. Easy to install and operate, convenient to use.
  6. Suitable for lizards, snakes, turtles and other reptile species.



Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: UVB Reptile Light

Lamp Holder Material: Metal

Colour: White

Rated Power: 23W

Voltage: 220-250V


Package List:

1 x UVB Light