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【Design for Reptiles】The energy-saving basking light is specifically designed for reptiles that require a hot spot like a bearded dragon or many desert species. The basking light can create an ideal hot spot basking area with a certain amount of UVA, which can help reptiles regulate behaviours such as feeding, diurnal movement, mating and similar activities.


【Energy Saving】Our Lamp Lights produce the same level of heat and UVA waves as normal basking light by using almost half of the energy. (eg. 20W≈40W, 75W≈110W)


【Cost Saving】Basking lights are consumables that need to replace regularly. When using Smart Herp Lamp Sets, you just need to replace the internal light bulb, which costs dramatically less than a normal basking bulb.


【Eye protect】The lampshade can block the lights directly to your eyes. It also enhances the heat and UVA waves to the basking area.


【Easy to install】with E27 socket, our lamp can fit in the majority of reptile enclosures.


20W, 40W, 75W


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Energy Saving Reptile Basking Lamp Set

Lamp Holder Material: Metal

Colour: Black

Rated Power: 20W, 40w, 75W

Voltage: 220-250V