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Please check with us to see if we can get to you

We will contact you shortly after purchasing your new critter to arrange shipping. A lot of care goes into the arrangement of shipping your new pet to you. We have to make sure the animal has not got a full belly, which means if it has eaten just before your purchase, you may not be able to receive your animal that week. There is nothing worse than opening your new critter covered in poop. We also have to keep track of the weather to check that the temperature will be appropriate. Wwill not ship in any extreme weather (hot or cold) and we will cancel shipping if we need to do so for the health of the animals. 

All of our animals are transported in crush proof & escape proof, locked containers. 

We can ship by air with Qantas Air Freight which goes to your closest airport and you will pick up your critter from the Qantas freight depot at the airport. We will arrange with you the best days and flight times to suit us both.

Or, we can ship by road which will arrive either the same day or orvernight, depending where you are located. This usually requires you to meet the driver at a predetermined stop along their route.

Please be aware that booking freight can take time if we have to wait for drivers to get back to us, as they are on the road taking good care of their passengers. So patience is appreciated.

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