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Colourful Critters is located on 8 acres in Ourimbah on the scenic Central Coast of NSW. We have been providing  ‘Premium Quality’ captive bred animals for hobbyists, breeders & fauna parks since licencing began in 1997. 

All of our reptiles offered for sale are bred on site in a purpose built, 260 square metre reptile facility that houses over 1000 reptiles in peak season. For quarantine purpose we are a ‘Closed Facility‘, and for privacy and security we do not sell direct or allow visitors to our facility. We are happy to meet you off site.

Although we are known for breeding spectacular colour morphs, we also have a wide variety of locality animals and pride ourselves on our purebred lines.  

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Industry Experience


Due to Peter having the most extensive collection of Antaresia in Australia and often referred to as 'The Dirt Snake King', he was approached to help write a book. He co-authored the Complete Children's Python with his good friends Justin Julander and Nick Mutton. The Complete Children's Python book is a comprehensive guide to the natural history, care and breeding of antaresia species.

Aussie Animal Tours

After some family holidays the Birch's decided it would be great to offer others the opportunity to experience some of the amazing things they have seen and done. So Aussie Animal Tours was created and since then has taken groups all over the United States, to see and experience some unique opportunities with huge reptile expos, zoos and private collections and we even ventured to South Africa for an unforgetable wildlife experience.


Pete started CrittaCam in 2012 while vising with Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytes TV. There was a need for an Australian Wildlife YouTube channel so CrittaCam was made to fill that void. Over 300 videos have been made with over 5.5 million views

Rodent Brothers

Being a reptile keeper, Pete has always bred his own rats and mice to feed his own animals as he couldn’t get a consistent supply of quality feeders. As his collection grew and with  more mouths to feed, so did the need for more feeders. So in 2004 , a 300 square metre, purpose-built 2 story facility was built to house both his rodents and his reptile collection.



Peter and Joanne owned 'REPTILES GALORE', a highly successful mobile education business for 18 years. This allowed them to educate the general public through displays & demostrations, but most importantly, reach the younger generation at schools and pre-schools. Being the only private exhibitors at the time to be able to keep exotic reptiles such as alligators and boa constrictors. Peter was also secretary of the MWEA (Mobile Wildlife Exhibitors Association).

Herp Society

In 1995 the Central Coast Reptile and Frog Group was started by Peter & Jo to provide a place for like-minded people to meet and learn about reptiles and joined the family of Australaisian Affliation of Herpetological Socities along with the AHS and HHS to name a few. Peter was part of the creation of The Central Coast Herpetological Society and was made a Patreon for the group.


Both Peter and Joanne were Head Carers for rescue, care, rehablititation and relocation for over 13 years for a local wildlife rescue group which provided them with extensive knowledge in the care and maintenance of reptiles and have formed invaluable bonds with their veterinarian . Also creating modules for better husbandry of injured reptiles, rescue and handling of venomous snakes.


Joanne & Peter completed a Herpetological Techniques course in 1995. The lecturers saw that they had more than your average knowlegde of reptiles and Peter went on to be employed at the University of Western Sydney as a Herpetogical Technician ( TO) and then moved on to Sydney Uni and UNSW. Which allowed Peter to be involved in a lot of research work. Joanne went on to assist teach the reptile component of the Veterinary Nursing course at Ultimo Tafe.

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